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We are the Richardsons: John, Shari and Riley.

We took ownership of La Cañada Pet Grooming as of August 1, 2019, as a family owned and operated dog grooming salon. The salon has been an established dog grooming business since 1981 in the same La
Cañada Flintridge location since its beginnings. It’s had several owners over the years and we’re lucky number 7 in that lineage of ownership! Our love of dogs led us to this opportunity and we are grateful to the La Cañada Flintridge community and surrounding neighborhoods for their continued loyalty and support. We received encouragement from 2 loves in our life, Buster, our Golden Retriever, who sadly passed away on November 17, 2018 after 14 1/2 great years and Nala, a rescue from the state of Louisiana, who we’ve come to find out through DNA testing that she’s a beautiful Lab/Weimaraner mix. We’ve dubbed both the official La Canada Pet Grooming Mascots!

Riley is the dog groomer in our family and most recently worked as a Salon Manager for a corporation, where she received her training in dog grooming over 7 years ago. After excelling at her craft, she wanted to go it alone and purchase her own dog grooming business. As a family, Riley’s dreams came true and she became an entrepreneur at the age of 24. We’re hoping to grow the business by reaching out to more local pet parents for their pet’s grooming needs, to provide gainful employment to others who share in our same love of dogs.

We look forward to grooming your pet and promise to love and care for your pet always.

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